The witch, Méneysa wishes to bring in back to life his lover, Morkeyn the Devil. Only an artefact, can activate the rite of revival of the devil. Méneysa takes hostage the mother of Asha. To save her, in exchange the girl has to go to the kingdom of the elfs which is protected by spells that the witches and quite different demonic creatures cannot cross. Asha has to steal the artefact for Méneysa.


Asha is accompanied with Esëk, a magician, who knows the place where is locked the strange artefact. The elf, Gwän Syll' Ëar, falls under the spell of Asha and decides to come with them. A short time later, Kishi a talented swindler, joins the trio.


This adventure leads Asha on the territories of Fläer, where live two clans of enemy elfs: Shökva in the service of the shadow and the Fleydëin governed by a powerful shaman, in the service of the Goddess. Prisoner of the Shökva, Asha is released by a couple of Shökva who decides to follow the girl.


In her quest, Asha and his companions enter on the territory of Ancadia. However, another danger watches for them. Indeed, at the heart of the red mountain, a malefic being wakes up from a long sleep.



Browse the lands of the elfs, the centaurs and the Ancadiens, with our heroes.
Discover new magic creatures. A fascinating story where the friendship and love are there, as well as the courage and the faith.

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