The kingdoms of emeralds – Novel

Esëk lives in a country governed by the technology. But the teenager is fascinated by certain legends concerning the elfs, the dragons and the centaurs. In the kingdom of Azoula, Esëk will discover that these magic creatures exist well. Begin then his magician's apprenticeship, before being taken prisoner and sent to an underground base where strange experiences are realized on other magicians. He will be inseminated by the spirit of Toël, and will become a black witch.


Esëk/Toël has other choices only to live in the same body, after the teenager finally regained control over his body. But this relation is finally going to show it self beneficial for them two. They escape from the underground base and they participate in a shaman ceremony at the elfs. This initiatory journey will lead them then to the country of the centaurs in search of a stone of power.

However, the final fight, setting the ancients peoples to the black witches and their allies, approaches and it will take place in the plain of Zeg-Mer. A face-to-face between the shadow and the light.

Where as Saya Kin' Tor continues to protect the sphere of the Founding fathers. This sphere of knowledge, so desired by the witch Kévy of Bayok. Love of Saya is reborn little by little for the magician, Kélan.
Another love blooms, between Fellëa, princess elf and Ancadien. Fellëa will go as far as sacrificing for resuming the Sphere of the Founding fathers of Kévy de Bayok's hands.