Les Royaumes d'Emeraudes

16 juillet 2017

Lès Argelus - bit lit - roman fantastique - Sonia Lafont-Manse

Après 6 mois sans écrire, je suis contente de reprendre la plume. Mon dernière roman était commencé, mais je me languissais de pouvoir écrire la suite. Je voulais connaître l'évolution de mes héros. Je découvre l'histoire en même temps que je l'écris. Voilà pourquoi, il y a eu si peu d'évolution sur ce blog. J'ai pris du retard dans l'édition des romans.          Bien sûr, j'ai aussi écris des histoires pour enfants. Iriya, la petite licorne - Histoire en trois parties. Cette histoire se... [Lire la suite]

11 juin 2017

Eternity - Novel - Sonia Lafont-Manse

Eternity     The witch, Méneysa wishes to bring in back to life his lover, Morkeyn the Devil. Only an artefact, can activate the rite of revival of the devil. Méneysa takes hostage the mother of Asha. To save her, in exchange the girl has to go to the kingdom of the elfs which is protected by spells that the witches and quite different demonic creatures cannot cross. Asha has to steal the artefact for Méneysa.   Asha is accompanied with Esëk, a magician, who knows the place where is locked the strange artefact.... [Lire la suite]
29 mai 2017

The kingdoms of emeralds - Novel - Sonia Lafont

The kingdoms of emeralds – Novel Esëk lives in a country governed by the technology. But the teenager is fascinated by certain legends concerning the elfs, the dragons and the centaurs. In the kingdom of Azoula, Esëk will discover that these magic creatures exist well. Begin then his magician's apprenticeship, before being taken prisoner and sent to an underground base where strange experiences are realized on other magicians. He will be inseminated by the spirit of Toël, and will become a black witch.   Esëk/Toël has... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2017

The immortal heirs. Novel (bit lit) Sonia Lafont-Manse

  The immortal heirs.   Alanis is immortal. For numerous centuries, she chases her ex-husband Tobias, first vampire of her species. Throughout his journeys, this one gave birth to new vampires, immortal heirs who live among the human beings among whom most ignore their existence. Alanis finds her track, nowadays, in New Orleans. She gets acquainted with Ethan, a voodoo priest, fascinated by the young woman. Ethan discovers the secret of Alanis. Because the young woman is not human. Has certain opportunities, she is... [Lire la suite]
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01 août 2016

Lecture gratuite e-book fantastique : Eternité de Sonia Lafont sur Amazon.fr - KDP Select.

    PROMOTION AMAZON.FR - KDP Select. Lecture gratuite e.book Du 2 au 6 août 2016   Roman fantastique : Eternité de Sonia Lafont